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Service that Customers Need

A car is akin to a home in that people are generally in their car often more than they are in their own. We all depend on our car for daily transport where we need to go. When we need to have a car relocated to a new home for work, school or other reasons it can be a very overwhelming process to find a car shipper that we can trust. At Shipping a Car we know how daunting it is to find a reputable automobile transport company to ship a car whether coast to coast in the United States or overseas. People need not only affordable pricing, but they need to know they can depend on the company they have chosen to move their car. Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful automobile transport company and without satisfied customers, businesses do not last long at all.

We own our own carrier trucks and hire our own professional drivers around the globe to be able to provide the most dependable automobile shipping for customers nationwide. We know that our customers want service they can rely on and trust while handling their car. We carefully select the drivers that we use to move cars for us and we know that each driver has been specifically trained to transport automobiles safely and securely from start to finish. We have access to all types of transport including open transport, enclosed transport, flat beds and much more. We can transport all makes, models and styles of motor vehicles from everyday cars, trucks and vans to heavy equipment, antique cars, exotic cars and the classics. We offer door to door service for convenience and safety to all of our customers.

Shipping a Car is fully licensed, insured and bonded and guarantees quick delivery. We advise that you contact us at least two weeks prior to the date you need to schedule the car for pick-up. Expedited services are available for those who have special accommodations and need to have their car shipped as fast as possible.

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