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How Car Shipping Quotes Are Formed

How Car Shipping Quotes Are Formed One of the biggest questions that automobile shipping agents get from customers is asking how they can get an honest shipping quote for their car. Knowing how to understand the basics of automobile shipping can go a long way with knowing how to spot a real quote and one that is less than honest.

When searching for a company that you can trust you need to know how to tell the difference in good service and bad service. Check online review services to see reviews made by customers of the companies that you’re interested in hiring to transport your car. Take heed though when looking at reviews because many services pay for reviews and they may not be reliable. When looking at reviews, whether good or bad, check to see if a lot of reviews were made by individuals within the same 1-2 day time period. If so, these are often reviews that have been paid for either by the company or even by a competitor who is vying for business.

If you locate companies that interest you yet they provide very low pricing that is often far lower than other companies in the area, then you need to take heed. Shipping companies must pay the drivers who transport motor vehicles and when they are charging bub par prices to their customers, the chance is that they are also paying their drivers a low wage. Think of it this way. If you were shopping for a diamond ring you would want a quality stone in the ring. The higher the price of the ring, the more flawless and natural the diamond will be. The lower the price you risk purchasing a cubic zirconia instead of a real diamond. You want a diamond in the driver who is transporting your car across the country. A driver should be fully trained to move vehicles and should be able to handle each car they carry with careful handling. When you see companies that offer similar pricing, or mid-level pricing, you can usually see that they have excellent drivers as well as top notch service standards.

Another aspect to getting a good price is to know the difference in transport options. Most drivers will choose open shipping. Open shipping very simple and allows for the car to be loaded onto a truck and driven directly to the new location. This is the most affordable option to ship a car and works great for all types of cars that are generally driven on a daily basis. The heavier a car, the more it will cost to ship because heavier cars are usually large and take up more space on a truck which reduces the number of cars that a driver can haul at one time.

For drivers of classic, exotic and luxury cars there is enclosed shipping. With enclosed shipping the car is loaded into an enclosed truck or container and then transported to the new location. Enclosed shipping offers a safe and secure mode of transport that keeps the car from being exposed to weather and normal roadway debris such as rocks, dirt and animals. Enclosed shipping has a higher cost than open shipping has, often adding anywhere from $500 to more than $1000 more than an open transporter would have. It is well worth it though if you have a car that needs extra protection during shipment.

Most companies offer door to door transport services meaning that they will pick up and deliver the automobile as close to your location as possible. This is standard in the automobile shipping industry and helps provide safe and secure transport. There is also an option to use a shipping terminal to have the car picked up from or delivered to. Shipping a car from a terminal will cost more than door to door because the car will need to be stored at the facility prior to being scheduled for transport.

When you need a company that will not only provide safe and secure transport but will also give the best customer service attention to your unique shipping needs and guarantee quick delivery of your automobile, you can contact Shipping a Car and our professional staff will provide you with a detailed cost effective quote and the best services in the automobile shipping industry.

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