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Why You Need to Look Beyond the Price Quote

Why You Need to Look Beyond the Price QuoteWhen you begin looking for a reputable car shipper you will realize that there is an abundance of shipping companies listed online as well as in the yellow pages. While you definitely want to have quality service, you also want low pricing to cut costs down. You should know that lower prices seldom ever mean quality service. We have put together some well-known information from the car shipping industry to assist you when it’s time to locate a quality shipping company.

A lot of times when a company offers a very low price it may mean that the company is small and doesn’t own their own carrier fleet to ship cars with. You need to watch out for companies like that because when they have to hire a carrier to move their cars, you can be assured that the company they hire has qualified drivers or the right amount of insurance. It’s always best to choose a company that employs their own staff of driving experts. Companies like this are typically fly by night companies who are in business one day and gone the next. As the company before you sign anything if they have their own drivers or if they sub their work orders out to other trucking companies.

Another issue with pricing is the quality of service you will get when you have a rock bottom price quote. The price may look nice but you need to make sure that the services provided will be of high quality and safe for your vehicle. When you contact a company for the very first time you will want to ask them as many questions about what they offer and how the delivery will be set up. Shipping companies that will provide more details when you originate a call to them will usually be available throughout the entire process of shipping your car.


Shipping a Car has been in business for 10 years and we work closely with our customers to not only ensure that provide them with pricing that reflects the budget they may have, but we make sure our customer service exceeds all others in the business. When someone has a question ort concern we make sure to promptly address that immediately. We may not have the cheapest prices in the shipping industry, but we do have the most affordable competitive pricing and even more important, we have a quality that far exceeds others in the shipping business.

All it takes is one phone call to get the best price quote available and to schedule the shipment of your automobile. Our professional staff is standing by to help with all of your shipping questions and to have your delivered to you with care, quickly and worry free.

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